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Aug 04 2014
Name:Earl Forshee
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Bowling Green, Ky
Comment: I was stationed a with the 57th from August 1969 until FEB. 69. a great bunch of guys to work with. i don't remembr all but a few stand out. company clerk Odegart. smitty and allien. It was an out standing company. remerbering them is emotional. good luck and god bless you all.
Jul 28 2014
Name:Jerry r. Bivens
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Chatsworth , Georgia
Comment: I came to the GLADIATORS in April 1970. I flew my first mission May 6 and had my cherry picked very well (purple heart). I became the current Gladiator 19. Very very busy year. If anyone remembers me please drop a line. My best buds were Drunken Renagrade ,Guru , Scuba, Charlie didn't get me but "agent orange" is trying his best.
Jul 27 2014
Name:Kenneth Winn Jr.
Unit: 57th / 615th det
Location: Ansonia , Conn. - now Gainesville Fla.
Comment: Assigned to 57th/615th Ft Bragg , then Kontum and dropped off in a open field next to air strip and built the compound . In July sent to 119 th avn in pleiku , before rotation to Ft Knox. Discharged Jan 1970. WELCOME HOME BROTHERS.
Jul 27 2014
Name:Bruce L. Bramblett
Unit: 57th AHC, 52nd BN
Location: Athens, GA
Comment: I was with the 57th AHC from August 1970 until I was reassigned to the 92nd AHC in March 1971. I was at An Khe and then moved with the company to Camp Hollaway (Pleiku). I was a slick pilot in the 2nd platoon.
Jul 26 2014
Name:Joe Billings
Location: Sarasota FL.
Comment: Has anyone talked to Dave Garner.
Jul 23 2014
Name:Robert (Bob) Martin
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Peoria Arizona
Comment: Served 1970-71 as crew chief. Wounded in action on June 3rd 1970 flying into Laos. I started in An Khe and helped move company to Pleku after the big attack. I mostly staged out of Kontum, spent a lot of time playing Spades while waiting operations orders. I could only find 1 group photo of myself in the year book (pg11 center, under the 2nd "N' in "No Smoking sign" standing in front next to Wayne G. (no shirt). I was gung-ho and spent most of my time in the air. Great site
Jul 16 2014
Name:Don Bisson
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Brunswick, Me
Comment: Great to finally meet with guys at the VHPA reunion for the first time since 1973. Was with unit 72-73 and left after the cease fire. Missions to Kontum and Dacpec. Flights to Na Trang were fun. Great talking to Sid Chambers. Sorry I can't make reunion next year. will be going back to VHPA in DC. If anyone remembers me, please email.
Jul 16 2014
Name:carl yeoman
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Bath new york
Comment: hoppie was my AC. remember kerr sully steamer cpt larson my good friend bob mandich nugent vega going to try to make reuion in texas hope to see some old friends
Jul 10 2014
Name:James Beverly
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Bristol, TN
Comment: Assigned in Jan 1973 to Cobras. Took my orientation ride on Sat and on Sun peace treaty was signed. Flew a cobra from Holloway to Saigon with LT Roger Cox for shipment back to states. Had not seen a picture of my ETSU classmate LT Jim Dugger untill reviewing the 1972 yearbook. Last time I saw Jim Dugger was 1969. Enjoyed seeing photos of Camp Holloway and those assigned there in 1973 yearbook.
Jul 10 2014
Name:Thomas Kerr
Unit: 57th AHC Gladiator
Location: Piedmont, Alabama
Comment: Served with 57th 70-71, Pilots were steamer, kiwi, Cpt Donner. Melvin Lew was my gunner as well as Bill Dozier. Remember Red Paxton, fat Webb, Smitty, Yeoman. Would like to hear from any of these guys as well as Gladiators who were there 70-71
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