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Jul 03 2016
Name:Eric William McDaniel
Unit: My father is Larry Dale McDani
Comment: I'm so glad my parents generation was unstoppable bad a$$ and I'm proud of all of you reading these bits knowing the impact it made even if you came home and being named after one of your brothers that died in my fathers arms and he carried him just like the other guys was saying. Thank you all your my superhero's and I could only hope my life that I owe to you brave warriors could throw a little pride at you cause we owe you for every chance we get rise even though it pales in comparison to your achievements and sacrifices.
Jun 21 2016
Name:Larry "Dale" McDainel
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Kuntom
Comment: I saw where Larry Hicks would like to know what happened to the late James Hunsicker. I tried to let the family know in the 80's but the D.O.D. still had it as classified and suggested I keep it to myself. I would speak about it now but not on social media. with the interested family or friends. I can be contacted at 251-455-2911 in Alabama.
Jun 21 2016
Name:Larry "Dale" McDaniel
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Kontum
Comment: Great pilots and Crews doing the toughest job in countries where we didn't exist officially I'd like to hear from Pilots John Kincaid and Terry Webber. I was still getting Air medals with "V" device 3 years after ETS. LOL.
May 23 2016
Name:sp5 gary lewis
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: pleiku
Comment: when I transferred into the 57th. I had no idea 0f the reputation the gladiators had acquired over the years. at that time all we knew was we had been asked to do a job and we did our best to do it.
Mar 19 2016
Name:David Conboy
Unit: 5/6 Cab
Location: Moscow, PA
Comment: It's a very sobering experience and quite emotional when you carry one of your best friends to his final resting place. At the same time, the immeasurable sense of pride that is felt when you realize that all the other guys helping you are Vietnam Era Combat Helicopter Pilots, 15-20 years senior to you, many who traveled hundreds of miles to honor their friend. And for a moment I was that kid again surrounded by great men. What an honor to walk with such heroes. God Bless the Gladiators and all those who served with them in Vietnam.
Mar 12 2016
Name:Michael Hannon
Location: Conway, SC
Comment: For any of you that knew or served with Ken Morrison (October 1968-1969), I'm sad to report that Ken lost his battle with cancer on 3/10/2016. He is survived by his wife Nancy. Both Ken and Nancy Morrison were friends of our family and fellow members of our church when we lived in Pennsylvania. Ken and Nancy were both loving, caring and kind people that I'm grateful that I got to know and whom that I miss greatly (I haven't seen Ken or Nancy in years, sadly). And Ken entertained my fascination with aviation as a kid and helped foster it. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this moment, Nancy. God bless you and Ken.
Admin: We sympathize with the loss of your friend and our Gladiator brother
Mar 02 2016
Name:jerry white
Unit: Army
Comment: Brother of Jackie White
Feb 24 2016
Name:Gilbert king
Unit: 57th AHC9
Comment: crew member then was motor sgt served 68&69
Feb 20 2016
Name:Darrell R. Anthony
Unit: 57th AHC Feb 1967 - Oct 1968
Location: Greenville, SC
Comment: RE: Jackie White Memorial Service: Service information. March 5th, 2016 at 11:00 am CST at the First United Methodist Church in Montgomery, 2416 Cloverdale Park, Montgomery, AL 36106 FUMC Montgomery, AL Directions from I-85 From I-85 S (West Bound), take the Mulberry Street exit (#2) and turn left. Turn right on Carter Hill, and left on Dunbar. Dunbar will lead you right into the back of the church. There are signs from the Interstate leading you to the church. From I-85 N (East Bound), take the Forest Avenue exit (#2) and turn right. Follow the signs until you turn right on Carter Hill; then left on Dunbar. Dunbar will lead you right into the back of the church.
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